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There’s always some avant garde asshole gong on about “opening up the public space for political discussion”. I decided to take a very literal-minded approach, and hopefully a fun one. People may be okay with public discussion, but don’t always know what to say or where to start. Solution? Fridge magnets! Turn large open vertical spaces into a “sandbox for dialogue”. For solid surfaces, such as the big screen outside the Virgin Monsterstore, laminated boards surrounding constructon and scaffolding, etc., I would use cardboard cutouts with printed words on one side, and removable poster squares on the other This way they can be taken off and rearranged. Another implementation is for chain-link fences: instead of poster squares, small hooks fashioned out of wire go on the backs of the cardboard pieces so that you can hook then onto the fence. Fences create a more interesting backdrop for the words. Additionally, chain link fences are a “surface that have been traditionally off limits to street artists and writers.

As a source for words, political speeches, opinion pieces or news articles could be used.

Street Poetry for the Asking


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